With two weeks to go before my 7th LFW week kicks off I don’t feel that same excitement I had starting this adventure. The opposite is true. Seeing the bloggers, street style moguls and others in search for One mMinute of Fame ‘doing their thing’ makes me kind of sad. It’s more like One minute of Same if you ask me. Walking up and down the road with their newest Acne, Chanel or Valentino (of which 80% is borrowed or sponsored) in the hope that one particular photographer, from one particular website or magazine will notice you. Girls I ask you, are we that shallow? When did it happen we start using ‘beingstyledotcommed’ as a verb to indicate one success in the street style scenery? Mind the pouty lips and the ‘I-know-my-picture-is-being-taken-but-I –act-if-I-don’t –care- that’s-sooo-much-cooler’ attitude.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to take us with you on your adventure instead? Share your story, humble, human, raw and real? Like the time you torn your tights right in front of Nyc times photographer Altamiranyc? (Which happened to me and it’s not funny). Isn’t that far more nicer to share? You’ve been style.commed? Hun I really don’t care..


Top – Somewhere Elsewhere | Jeans – Zara | Heels – Christian Louboutin | Bag – Chloe | Ring- Mango

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