How to start your day fresh

Listen, I could spend an alinea of words talking about how I like this knit and coat bla bla. But this time I let the photo’s speak for itself. It happens to be I like to write about inspiring subjects, or stories you can find yourself in. Sharing more than outfits alone, because outfits are after all a very small part of who you are as a person.


Today a little insight in my morning ritual, and one particular thing you could benefit from:

My morning routine is 360 degrees different to what it used to be. Having a baby now, he comes first, mama comes second. There is one tiny thing I allow myself to do every morning thought. No matter what.

Every morning first thing I open the doors to our balcony and inhale the fresh air very deep for ten times in a row. I’m doing this for years and it’s the best tip I can give you. Really be aware of the morning air filling my longues. Stress fades away, the fresh air will add a healthy glow to your skin. It’s just literally a fresh start, every morning again.

You really should give this one a go and let me know how you feel. At least for a week. Learn yourself that the first few steps outside every day needs to be accompanied by 10 really deep breaths. You will see you feel so much better and ready to kick start the day. Promised.


Coat – Ganni

Knit – Cos (similar here)

Trousers – Edited

Rings – Euna Joyce

Loafers – Gucci 

Bag – You know who..

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