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The other day I had to laugh about a few comments under one of my recent posts. It seriously went down between two girls. I think it started with Miss X who made a remark about how stupid it actually is: me walking down the street acting all nonchalant and so. Miss Y jumped in and started to put Miss X on her place. (thanks bee)

But honestly I do agree a tiny bit with X (though it was better she skipped her slang). I mean sure it really doesn’t make sense. But hey it’s just how things work around here. Often I see pictures of things I find a bit weird. But within the blogosphere it’s just the language we speak. It’s perfectly fine to make pictures of laptops-with-candles-with-lipsticks, but it doesn’t make sense at all. I remember a picture I saw of two pineapples on the beach. That was odd, but sure got 40.000 likes (!). No seriously I’m thinking of quitting this business to start a flower shop merely for bloggers, I can become dirty rich mark my words.

You just really have to take it with a pinch of salt ladies. Today an honest sneak peak from my personal iphone diary. Up close and personal. Because sometimes this is nicer than pictures of me walking back and forth from a stupid brick wall. Point taken, I do listen to your comments 😉


My own little family

Love the colors of this market stall

Shameless selfie say What?
Crossing the street very nonchalant
Spa day pour mama
Daddy and son
Inspiration for our new home in The Netherlands
The most beautiful flower shop I have ever seen.
Aesop goodies


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