11 tips for girls with curls

Like the profile of my Instagram states: I’m a girl with natural curls and proud of it! Admittedly it took me years to accept this fact (they used to call me cotton candy at school and believe me I was..) but overtime I’ve learned to deal with my hair till the point it now has become my signature look. I do receive a lot of comments and questions from my curl colleagues. No wonder as curly hair has a well-earned reputation for being one of the hardest hair types to manage and style. I mean try to brush it and you end up like Lion King’s Simba. Especially for them (and everyone else who’s interested) I share my best secrets and tips. They’re often very simple and cheap too, hope you like them and if you are a curl head and have some advice you want to add to this list you’re more than welcome to share in the comments below.

Don’t brush, comb
Only comb your hair with fingers or a comb with large and wide teeth (sorry don’t know the word for it in English) This prevents fizziness and will separate your curls.

Say goodbye to your blow-dryer
Don’t ever use a blow-dryer unless you want to look like cotton candy. Let your hair dry naturally. Always. I tend to wrap my hear behind my ears to sculp natural looking curtains (does this make sense)

Use Gliss Kuhr
Use gliss kuhr hair repair ‘orange’. It’s a product that you cannot buy in the UK therefor I have to stock it up in Holland. My whole family is using it. It’s very cheap and often in sale (go to your local pound shop) Apply to wet or dry hair.

Collect rainwater
Believe it or not, rainwater will give my hair beautiful curls. I’ve learned this trick from my mother and it really works. So place a plant spay when it’s raining outside and use after. By adding a little bit of salt your hair get’s the perfect beach look.

Bye bye hair elastics
Our hair is more vulnerable than straight hair. It works the same as stiffly holding a t-shirt. You see what happens? It wrinkles, same goes with curls. If you want to wrap your hair in a knot or pony tail, use your own hair. That’s the beauty of curly hair, it always sticks in place anyway.

Cut it dry
Cut it dry. Sounds strange, but our hair works differently than straight hair. It makes no sense to cut it straight as one curl is curlier than the other. Save yourself a trip to the hairdresser, buy a professional pair of scissors (don’t ever use a pair of kitchen scissors as it will destroy your hair by leaving split ends) and cut half moons. So grab a curl and cut right there where the curl forms a half moon. Easy as that.

Soak your hair in protein. Protein is the best product for curly hair as it really gives the hair strength. I’ve used Salerm Balsam protanico and the product is amazing. Only problem is they sell it in Spain. Luckily on Ebay too. Or choose Organic Color System orange version rebuilder. It rebuilds your hair and I got some nice results out of it. Not too expensive, only problem is you have to use lots. I’m using this one right now.

Color the roots
Idealy don’t colour and if you do only the roots. We have fragile hair, so when colouring, be very gentile. You want to keep your hair in good shape.

Don’t wash too often
Don’t wash curly hair for 4 days. My curly hair is simply at its best on day 3 and 4. It’s very beachy and bohemian. Leave your hair for a few days and embrace the texture.

Embrace the volume
Many of us are trying everything to team down their curls. But I like to choose volume. Curly hair is best when you really learn to love it. Let is be and spring. From there sculp the frizz out with soft wax  ( I use Philip B, Crème of the crop) or elixir (Kerastase, but the more cheaper L’oreal works fine as well).

Let it grow
Let it grow. One of the best advises I can give any girl with curls: let it grow long. The longer your hairs the less frizzy it becomes. Your curls are more heavy and therefor easier to maintain.

Hope this helps.
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  • Would you mind linking to the exact products you use so I can make sure I’m getting them right? I’ve been struggling with taming my mane for years and your hair is the closest thing I’ve seen to it. Would love to get your look 🙂

  • For your readers with African American curly natural hair make sure to mention all of the natural butters and oils that really lock in moisture! I’m sure your hair would love some of the lighter oils as well :).

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