I dress however I like..

..And I certainly no longer accept trends to be shoved in my face


The struggle is real. Am I dressing up for the sake of likes on Instagram or am I dressing up to feel good myself? I mean the subject itself is sad enough, but it’s true and undoubtedly something Instagram girls with a lot of followers struggle with. Recently I really have the feeling I have to step away from the¬†Instagram buzz. Or at least not being bothered about it as much as I used to be. It’s such a strange thing I’m telling you. But I think it’s logical that if you’re so open about your looks and fashion on social than you’re also vulnerable for the opinion of people you actually don’t know.

Sure Instagram and blogs influenced my style, I would lie if it wasn’t. But recently I’m bored about so many things I see on social. I no longer accept trends to be shoved in my face. I’m me, and so I’m going to dress however the F. I like. Sometimes minimalistic and sometimes bold. I try to seek inspiration in art, music and design instead. I have to, it’s the only way I can touch base with my inner style values again. If you don’t like my swag, hop on to the other 3 million girls with fashion accounts out there.

Also a small advice for you, don’t be too occupied with how others dress. Take your inspiration but make something out of it yourself. I’m pretty sure you have amazing personal style and taste. You really just need to dare. If we all act a bit more original I’m pretty sure we can create desire again.

I’m sorry if I’m being too direct. Let me know what you think via Facebook or Snapchat (anoukyve) I love love Snapchat nowadays.



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