A very personal online shopping experience

Houston we’ve got a problem. I’ve found a new online designer store…

Such news is usually not good for my wallet. Scrolling trough the site pages I feel like a kid in a candy store. CarréCouture offers a fine selection of designer clothing, which makes the site very easy to scan (in addition to designer boutiques with literally thousands of products). A plus for me who can’t handle too much to choose from.

Working together with exclusive multibrand boutiques worldwide, CarréCouture promises her customers a total luxury shopping experience online. So far point taken. But what makes it interesting is that CarréCouture is taking our shopping experience one step further by selecting items matching previous purchases, body shape and personal style. An interesting business model if you may ask me, one that might be good for my wallet after all. And one that I can explain to my boyfriend (a.k.a. the bank): “Hun this item really goes with everything in my wardrobe thus will be a lifetime investment” (winking seductively).

Especially for you I’ve created my top 5 designer pieces from the site (oh, dear Santa). The CarréCouture stylist advised me to go for this beautiful timeless Prada bag with beige handles. I’m in love! The coat is from Joseph, trousers are Philip Lim, top is from Isabel Marant and heels are Prada too, glasses are Linda Farrow.

I’m wearing: Prada bag (via CarréCouture), blazer Avelon, sleeves Atelier des Femmes, Jeans Levi’s via Mick Keus, boots By Far. 

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Anouk Yve

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