Mothers pay attention: you want this for your kids

I just want to ask a bit of your time to pin point a new start up that I love! It’s a business owned by our friends in Stockholm and it’s just amazing if you are – like me- a mother.
Ever since we’re back in The Netherlands I’m really surprised by what the kids are wearing during winter times. In Sweden, Children play outside a lot and as from October its a given fact every child under the age of 10 is wearing thermo clothing, specialised rain clothing and when weather is turning below zero, well equiped winter gear. It’s a must and on schools this is what you are told to buy season after season. As soon as it’s autumn you have to be quick as winter gear in Sweden is always sold out.
In Holland, kids play outside in jeans and a  winter jacket. Even when it’s minus 5 like this week. It’s just one of the many differences between the two countries I guess. We don’t have very cold winters so why bother buying specialised gear. But I have learned Teun is more happy outside when he’s nice and warm. And therefor I’ve hopped on the Swedish winter gear wagon.
Our friends now have founded a super smart business targeted towards Kids’ clothes for growing adventurers! It’s called Hyber.
Hyber fills your wardrobe with award winning outerwear from Isbjörn of Sweden. You simply pick your package of choice, return it when outgrown and get the next size without any additional cost. All you pay is a simple monthly fee that starts at 199sek per month (about €20). Everything else is included.
It’s smart, innovative and sustainable and – as we are Dutch and we love a good bargain – fairly well priced.
The idea took shape when more and more friends complained about keeping their kids clothed, outgrowing them as quickly as they were being dressed. So Hyber set out to equip the consumers of tomorrow. This not only reduces our environmental impact, but educates youngsters about sharing.
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