On my mind (read: confession)

The ATP Atelier Rosa cutout sandals are on my wishlist for quite some time now. But I have a confession to make about my toe nails dare I say it. It’s not the nicest topic to talk about, but I have a few really bad toe nails. It all happened a few years back wearing some second hand boots which got me infected. Fungus.. yak the word itself.

Let me just put it this way, I’ve tried everything. Vinegar, Vicks, Jelly sheets, shoe sanitizers from China,  even laser treatment worth €800,-. Nothing helped, so I always put gel nails on when it’s summer.

This november I went to the doctor and got tablets (now I wasn’t really a fan because they’re quite heavy and need to be taken 6 months onwards). And what would you know. My nails cleared up! I’m finally able to wear open toe sandals without worrying about my nails! I know a lot of young women have the same problem, please do me a favour and just visit your doctor. The tablets might be heavy, but hey at least your feet look good again. If only I knew..

Hidden message: think twice buying second hand shoes!

ph credit / Hanna mw

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