Opening up about my career path with Brochu Walker

It has been a while since I last posted on my blog. Blogs are as good as dead I always say. But especially the last few months I’ve been missing my little cyber space, my online personal diary on where I cthis this place. I have been missing writing for my blog. Tan share my thoughts with you. Maybe it’s the endless stream of Instagram posts that have become somewhat of a blur to me if you know what I mean. I like to come back more often. Truth is, I was a bit busy. Ever since we moved back from Sweden (me 35 weeks pregnant) I had a baby and a young toddler to take care off, while Jos was pretty much away all the time for work. We had to move houses, decorate our new house and right when I felt home..Jos dropped the big bomb. Honey..what if .. I’m going to play for Orange County, California for 6 months? Every other human being would jump a hole in the roof from happiness. But with all those moving houses (ehm yes in the last 3 years I had two children while moving 8 times of which 4 overseas) I was tired and not that happy. But he pursued me and here we are…writing this post from Sunny California (well not really, it’s 9.30 PM, the sun is down – but this is literally my only free hour in the day without kids). And what an experience it was! (about that soon more)

In the mean time I’m working on my own brand. In about one week we move back to The Netherlands. Jos is quitting his professional football career and finally it’s my time to shine. So I think you will hear from me soon.


Until that time you can read all about my career path on the blog from Brochu Walker, a Californian based label of who I’m a personal fan. Let’s keep in touch more on this blog ey’, take some time away from your insta feed. There are more channels where you can seek inspiration (more about that soon).




ph // Misha Poluska

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