Time is on my hand

I wish life was a video DVD player


Ever since I’m a kid I’m intrigued with time. I often said to my mom: ‘Mommy, I wish life was a video player, so I can stop it when life is just perfect, rewind when you need to want to experience certain events again and forward when you’re absolutely not comfortable in a situation (I know that was deeeep for my age).

Time is a strange thing as it’s so connected with events in life. For instance, it was February 2015 when H&M flew me to Stockholm for an event. I was 20 weeks pregnant. Little could I know I was going to live in that exact same city 7 months later, giving birth to my son 1000 metres from the central venue of that time.

Being aware of time makes me want to enjoy the moment even more. Like this morning when I was taking Teun for a walk. Sure I sometimes struggle with the fact I had to let go of creatorsofdesire.com. What if? At the other hand being able to spend so much time with him now makes me feel so blessed. When Jos career stops mine will be on again in full swing and I’m 100% certain it was today’s moment in the sun with my son that makes me want to wish life was indeed a video player.


Today’s outfit is one of my favorites. It’s just really me. I do like to experiment with clothes and different style, but in the end I do feel very comfortable in jeans, a blazer and some really good statement classics.

Watch from Skagen Denmark via de Bijenkorf | Blazer – Weekday  (similar here) | Jeans – Weekday | Loafers – Gucci | Bag – Celine | Scarf – Acne Studios 

ph credit sarache.se

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